Feria de


Sunday, October 1st, at 6:00PM
in Pi y Margall str., 25 (basement)

[ES] | [EN]

Welcome fair for new Erasmus students and Conversation Assistants. We explain everything you need to know about life in Vigo: bus card, NIE card, Spanish classes, tourist information, etc.

  • Welcome

    Welcome Fair. Pi y Margall str., 25 (basement). October 1st at 6:00PM

  • Reception

    We’ll have pinchos and a galician craft products raffle.

  • New Friend

    We will connect you to one trusty person to be your «godfather» during your stay in Vigo. He/She will answer all your questions and help you accommodate.

  • Support

    Where and how you can obtain bus card, ID card.

  • Tourism

    What is visit worthy in Vigo? What is there to know about?

  • Spanish

    Language problems? We will help you out.


New city, new habits, new friends.

You need guidance through your accommodation process. We only ask for your contact details so you can have a new friend in town, that will help you during your stay. Friends are friends so there is no fee.